Orders,badges and medals
Orders, badges and medals

Medals and orders, as well as badges, are not only awarded in recognition of achievements, but today they are actively used by many Moscow companies in th emaintenance of corporate culture, establishing a positive image of the organization and during promotional events.

Consequently, there are many modernand successfully developing companies, as well as non-profit organizations, among our clients. Please contact our company for further information

All works were made to order

Picture "Contracting parties of the International Military Music Festival “The Spasskaya Tower”
Anniversary and jubilee medals for services in the various divisions of the ‘FSB of the Russian Federation’
Panel – 'Hero-Cities
of the Great Patriotic War (World War II)'
Picture-book– History of the Olympic
games in medals
History in medals of the ‘Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation’
Panel 'History of underwater sabotage forces of the Russian Navy'
History of Russian Railways –
Commissars and Ministers
Awards and Memorable Badges commemorating the History of Russian Railways
Panel 'Anniversary and jubilee medals for services and units of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation'
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