Art Studio is constantly improving in work, opening new technologies for itself. We do not stop at the achieved results, trying to bring something new into our work. Therefore, we constantly open new projects combine style and tradition with new technologies.


Bactrian Gold (Treasure of Afghanistan)

“Bactrian Gold” are golden items found in 1978 in Afghanistan, in the settlement of Tilla-Tepe, during the excavation of the Kushan royal tombs of the 1st Century B.C. The excavations were carried out by the Soviet-Afghan archaeological expedition. “Bactrian gold” is a collection of about 25,000 golden ornaments which were found in six tombs (five women and one man) with extremely rich jewelry, dated to around the 1st Century B.C. Altogether, several thousand pieces of fine jewelry were discovered: the majority are made of gold, turquoise and/or lapis-lazuli. The Bactrian treasure includes coins, necklaces set with gems, belts, medallions and crowns. However, the collection went missing during the wars in Afghanistan.

Currently a part of this collection is being recreated and you can take in your hands newly fashioned items of "Bactrian Gold."

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Gold plating of real gold

Nowadays the gold plating service is one of the most popular, and applies not only to jewelry, but also to other things around us. For example, by applying a layer of gold, you can transform any part of the car: radiator grille, wheel disks, door handles, mirror cover, company logo and much more.

Thanks to the use of our technology, anything can be given nobility and originality. In addition, depositing gold on the surface makes the thing stronger and more reliable, which will prolong its life. Often objects of everyday use undergo the gold plating:  such as watches, furniture, tableware, electronic appliances, mobile phones, office supplies and more.

Gold plating has ability to abrasion, which is quite natural. But thanks to our unique technology, the plating holds much stronger and longer.

Modern gold plating is a technological process that is continuously improving for achieving a better result. The process requires professional skills of specialists, because the technology is complex and consists of several stages. There are no errors allowed, because the materials used in the work are very expensive and require a perfect result from the first time.

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Golden mecca in golden postage stamp

In autumn 2018, ameeting was held between the president of the Russian Federation, VladimirPutin, the King of Saudi Arabia, His Majesty Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud.

As part of this meeting, many inter governmental agreements were signed.

Art-Studio Alexander Prokhorov was invited to set the first stone in the development of culture between the two countries. The decision was made in favour of designing an original collection of gold postage stamps in coloured enamel dedicated to Sacred Mecca. The collection replicates 40 stamps issued by 24 Islamic countries over the course of many years.

Unique 3D-technology enabled the artists to recreate fine embossed details, allowing the stamps to take on volume.

The gold ornaments are exact replicas of famous postage stamps representative of important historical, scientific, and cultural achievements in all the Islamic countries in question.

A unique aesthetic endeavor, the golden stamps will exist forever as examples of high XXI century art.

Alexander Prokhorov’s Art-Studio undertook the project with honour and is proud to now bring the collection to your attention.

The collection is being released in a single copy.

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Monuments with laser images

The unique technology of laser engraving for text and images application - this is a modern way to monuments visualisation.  

This method has 4 invulnerable arguments in its favor against customary used for such works: 

  1. Laser engravings are not get wet. It means they can be seen in any weather.
  2. Durability. A monument with such engravings is not adsorb a water, but it means, it is not afraid a temperature changes, as any monuments made of cement, concrete, gypsum and even stone, where there are micro-cracks.
  3. Quickness of application laser images
  4. Cost of application. We can apply any volume of text or images. The cost depends on size (volume) only. Against cost of each letter (symbol) for stone engraving.
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Hi-techoff-road mobile homes of premium class

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“Art-Studio” is an exclusive representative of “A-M Caravan” on area of Middle East countries.

We remade of chassis of Mercedes-Benz Zetros, Unimog, Gelendewagen, MAN and Kamaz to custom-made projects inluxurious, unique vehicles for hunting and fishing (mobile home).

Each vehicle is made to order, developed individually meeting the requirements ofthe customer, and is fulfilled promptly.

Installedequipment into our mobile homes are produced by the best European manufacturerssuch as Dometic, Truma, HELLA,  WARN, Hartal, Webasto and designed specifically for using in mobile living units.

The unique “3 pointed kinematic system” of fastening the large trailer of theall-wheel drive SUV to the frame of the chassis, allows the mobile module to work independently, on a diagonal twisting of the frame that is especially noticeable on off-road and cross-country terrain. Therefore, even on theroughest roads, passengers will feel comfortable, and due to the efficient salon design, the vehicle will maintain its original condition.

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